Mauricio Issa - Industrial Design


reva 2018.jpg


Submitted on Andreu World Design Contest


REVA, means “rip” “tear” in Swedish.

The main incentive to develop this project was pure delight of submitting an idea for a traditional and innovative brand as is Andreu World. Their annual Design Competition was the perfect excuse to make a humble tribute to the Scandinavian design. My submission is Reva.


 The purity of the materials used and simplicity expressed through simple shapes. The furniture designed is an "occasional" chair that is used depending on the need, it fits perfectly in any setting in the home, either to serve as an auxiliary chair in a home office, dining or living room. The main concept that was intended to incorporate in the furniture was to "ripping" of the laminated wood and incorporate pieces of solid wood, which is why the furniture gives the impression that the Beech veneer was torn to give rise to spaces for the front and back legs.Beech wood was used because of their nobleness and easy to work with, besides that Europe has one of the best varieties of Beech, not only from the standpoint of manufacturing but also environmentally and in terms sustainability. For this reason, only sources of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood are intended to use, water-based finishing, not a single metal joint and CNC machining and assembly highly efficient in terms of energy resource are used.



I wanted to make a fusion between laminate and solid wood so that there was not a fully marked division between the parts of each of the materials, and that people will notice design details depending on the angle they looked.